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2nd drive ended in a punt. Zach just isn't getting the ball out quick enough. Can't do that on 3rd down. Also lucky not to get intercepted.

Needs to improve now, but I have little confidence he can.

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As long as the Jets employ an OC who admits that he had no idea how fast Micah Parsons was, is not winning.

Unless the D or ST scores today, final Pats 13-3. The 3 is generous

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The decision to elevate Glaser is interesting. He was on the street until Friday, when he was signed to the Practice Squad. Then he gets elevated for the game today.

I get that we have OL injuries and need depth, but the Jets have three other OL on the PS, two of whom have been there since the roster was set, and the other one was on the 53 for part of last year.

Weird that Glaser went from on the street to the best OL on the PS over a 24 hour period.

I like him, actually - but it's not exactly a vote of confidence in the other three guys.

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overlooking JD - he's experienced. Let him get pounded for 4 QTRs; maybe knock some sense into his bonehead.

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