I’ve been a fan since 1963. I have to be totally honest. I have never seen the Jets quarterback situation as screwed up as it is presently. Not necessarily speaking about what happens the next two games score results but when the season is officially over schedule wise.

The closest thing to a quarterback controversy on the Jets was with Richard Todd and Matt Robinson dividing the fan base 1969-1980. That ended when the Jets swindled the Broncos for a first and second round pick for Robinson.

Whenever the Jets season ends either in Miami or after a playoff game, Douglas and Saleh are on the clock to get the quarterback situation right for the 2023 season.

Is Wilson through and cut?

Are they willing to take that big of a cap hit?

Did White show enough in Seattle, Miami and hopefully a playoff game or two?

Do they keep both White and Wilson?

Is it going to be White or Wilson with Carr, Garoppolo, Winston or whoever?

Do they draft another future franchise saving qb.

What are Woody’s thoughts, he uses reporters stories and social media to form opinions. Tends to be very irrational when he makes up his mind. His idea to bring in both Favre and Tebow.

I know Douglas and Saleh make a very good living in their positions. They really have to earn their money to get the quarterback situation right for 2023 and beyond or they might be working at different addresses in the future.

Speaking of the 2023 season, here are the Jets scheduled opponents. They get the NFC East and the AFC West.


Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles

AFC South TBD ( based on division finish)

NFC South TBD ( based on division finish)

Washington Commanders


Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos

Las Vegas Raiders

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Giants

AFC North TBD ( based on division finish )

Buffalo Bills

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Dec 27, 2022·edited Dec 27, 2022

David, Well done young man! You just said everything I have been saying to my Facebook Jets group! Only better. 😂 First off, the Tua situation is indeed troubling. Very unfortunate. The concussion injuries are scary propositions with severe potential long term ramifications. I had one in college ( my wife will tell you I still haven’t fully recovered from😂) and it was scary. Not an experience I would wish on anyone. I went on to coach on the high school level and witnessed more than a few of our kids suffer concussions. We would only allow them to play again after a minimum two week period and with medical clearance by a board of education certified head trauma specialist. Most importantly there was only one concussion allowed. A 2nd concussion meant you were done for the season.

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LOL - I just dont like the aternatives they keep mentioning like Jimmy G, Carr, etc etc - rather have Sam. White to me is not a starter - of course if we win the Bowl this year i guess he is LOL

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I dont know where you find the time - but great piece and informative. My issues with White are: He moves the ball up and down the field seemingly but doesnt score; he doesnt win games; he gets injured. As of right now today 12/27 - I would take Sam back in a heartbeat.

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Todd Robinson 1979 not 1969

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The difference between White and Wilson is the years in the league. Maturity. Wilson may or may not be the answer but he is 23 and has never been exposed to the type of negative attention he is now getting. The NFL is so much faster than college ball and he has yet to adjust and then you throw in new coaches and an inexperienced Quarterback coach. Maybe the Jets should hire an experienced QB coach and / or OC to develop Wilson to at least give him a chance. I would keep Wilson and White and let White mentor Wilson.

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I honestly don't believe that Zach can ever play for THIS team, too much psychological baggage in a very short time. I dont think Darnold is a viable option for the same reason.

If Mike can win these two games and get us to the playoffs he should enter camp as the favorite to start. Look into the various veteran option, Minshew would be my choice (like his attitude).

BUT, all of this takes a back seat to pouring strong resources into our OLine. Eat the Tomlinson contract by making him a post June 1 cut, cut or restructure Lawson and Berrios. Draft OLine.

Yes, Breece and AVT will be back, but both will take time, Max too. Without a dominant run game none of the QB options succeed.

Joe D espouses the "starts in the trenches" theory, injuries and a bad signing hijacked his plan.

Let's go get a g@ddamn snack!

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Great points! I would love to see a Sam comeback but the fan vitriol does concern me! I like a Sam MW combo as much more palatable as a MW ZW pairing

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Keep it simple. Develop both Wilson and White and see if one or both or none are the long-term solution.

The ongoing alternatives is a known franchise quarterback becomes available at a reasonable price or a draft pick becomes the one. Both not likely but it does happen (Brees, Brady, Warner)

What is not being discussed is whether LaFleur et al can develop a QB and whether he is good enough to get to the super bowl. Breece Hall made the offense go not LaFleur

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Agree but he and the team still don't score - how bout make something happen down there regardless what t LeFluer is calling.

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Dolphin management needs to step up, and protect Tua , fear the long term consequences already, the possibility of tragedy is very real. Bridgewater will be fine.

I think the important thing about Mike White is his leadership and his ability to galvanize this locker room. Brock Purdy is demonstrating out in SF, that you can be successful in this Offensive System, if you can read defenses and just distribute the ball. Mike can read and distribute which endorses his Offensive Coordinator’s system. Players play for MW. WR’s get better YAC opportunities because of Ball placement, TE’s get involved, and RB’s feast in the passing game with Mike. MW will win over the fans with a couple of 300 yard games, or demonstrating that he can hit on deep balls.

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