Pete Carrol out coached Robert Saleh. Pete’s team was ready, the Jets were not. The Jets defense improved this year and may have found their Safety for 2023, in Tony Adams, but the Offense is in shambles, and Special Teams needs some work. Saleh needs to be ruthless with this coaching staff. Every Offensive Coach’s job is up for review. Mike La Fleur is out of his depth, but he may have some upside, cautionary tale here of hiring your friends. It’s Saleh’s call, but I keep Mike for continuity, and because of the success of the Green Bay & SF Offenses. Banging the Drum as always for a Veteran Passing Game Coordinator that replaces our WR Coach, and acts as a sounding board for MLF and aides in Mike’s development. John Benton is an 18 year NFL Offensive Line Coach, and supposedly a Wide Zone Guru, and currently the Running Game Coordinator. In John’s Defense, the Offensive Line has had massive injuries, and there may be a question of how current players fit the system, but the Offensive Line has underperformed. It is prudent to strip John immediately of his Running Game Coordinator duties and find some one else. In reviewing Benton’s performance, I think you have to look at blocking schemes, and how they work for current personnel, and if you need to implement other power based schemes , even for merely a change up.

The Jets have 4 QB’s on the roster , but actually they have none. You keep Zach as number two next year, because of the CAP hit, and you work like hell on trying to develop the guy. Jets don’t have money to land a top tier QB, going with Brissett, Minshaw or Bridgewater.

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This will be the last time that I post “ I’ve been a Jet fan since 1963”

This current 5 game losing streak is the worse that I have ever seen by the Jets. Worse than any losing streak under Kotite, Carroll’s streak, the 10-1 start that ended 10-6.

Any Jet fan with a pulse knew in their hearts that when Walker broke off that 60 yard run, the season was over.

The most damming thing yesterday wasn’t the continuous putrid quarterback play or LeFleur’s idiotic play calling, it was that this team came out flatter than a pancake. That’s on Saleh, he had 10 days to get this team ready, he failed horribly.

When he was hired, a bunch of his old 49ers team all said the same thing, we love to play for him. Based on yesterday’s continuous underwhelming performances does it seem like the players love playing for him because they didn’t really play at all yesterday.

The Johnsons paid 660 million for the Jets, the team is worth in the billions.

Woodhead and Clueless Chris can’t use the excuse they don’t want to pay for a new staff if they fire Saleh.

Between the PSL Ponzi scheme, ticket prices, parking prices and tv money they can afford to fire Saleh if they want.

There is no logical explanation that LeFleur is still around here after 1/8/23. If Saleh won’t fire him, then bye bye coach, because season ticket holders don’t get discounts when the HC hires his best friends brother who was an OC only one year in his life with a division 3 college.

Every Monday morning, Peter King releases a huge column. It covers all aspects of football, plus other stories. Not one word today about the Jets, nothing. You can’t be anymore irrelevant when your not mentioned in a football column that mentions the president of the Yankees or some friend of Kings who won a $30,000 suicide pool. Not one word.

When the Jets got beat in 1969 by the Chiefs in the playoffs the year after the Super Bowl win. Namath basically said, tough loss today, but I see us back in the Super Bowl in the immediate future.

That was 52 years ago. I’m 74, beat prostate cancer, and I can honestly say the way things look today, I can’t even see them in the playoffs.

The day after the Green Bay game, I sat in a airport in Appleton,Wisconsin and actually said to myself. I think they finally got it right with JD and Saleh. I should have known better. It’s still the same old Jets, they aren’t winning anything in my lifetime, that’s for sure.

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Well - Like Bobber - this will be my last rant. Robert "all ass no gas" Saleh turned out to be a trerrible coach - I have said this in this space before - him and Douglas can go a week from today. I was smart enugh to go to the NY Ranger game after the 60 yard "game is over' play. I only turned it on in between periods. Guess what the Rangers scored 1 less point then The Jets. I've also stated in this space that White stinks always have always will. His comment that "The doctors cleared me to play" smells like - he really shouldn't have as he was hurting. Flacco should have started that game. Saleh has the audacity to state "we are close and have a core". For what the XFL ? This team is no closer to the playoffs then they were when Gase won 7 games. I dont want to hear "Douglas knows how to draft" Anyone in the world would pick Gardner and G. Wilson - its beyond obvious the guy doesnt not know what he is doing. Like Bobber - i've been a Jets fan since the 60's. This has to be the worse collapse in thier history. They raised the season ticket prices to the tune of $25.00 bucks a ticket - They are forcing me to make a decision i dont want to make but i'm tired of spending all that money, wasting a whole day for no return what so ever for people in charge that don't care. Woody better call Payton right away or they are looking at a 5 win season next year -

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hey David,

If Frogs had handguns, Birds wouldn't Eff with them.

hard but accurate description - we are (and will see better after the pain subsides...) a better team than last year, but in a way i'm sort of glad we don't make the playoffs this year because we're clearly not ready - and to have made the playoffs would have meant a lower draft pick (and we need the best ones we can get).

LaFleur pisses me off. Using the TE's in the passing game exposed the Hawks secondary. I don't care if there were 3 drops from that group, you stick with it, just like you shudda stuck with the run game. Oh, and by the way, I question these as being called "drops". I'm old school; I believe if you as the receiver can put one hand on the ball, that's a 50-50 catch. If you put both hands on the ball (as Uzomah did...) then you CATCH THE DAMN BALL! I don't care if you gotta stretch for it, don't care if it doesn't hit you in the numbers. Ya TOUCH it, ya CATCH it!

Mike White - boy did that bubble pop too quick for me! Worst thing about his play, he consistently throws the ball behind the receiver. A couple of plays to Wilson alone - had White placed the ball in front of him, allowing to catch it in stride, Garrett would still be running. And you could tell that Garrett was frustrated with the behind-the-stride throws, but his reactions were quite muted.

Really, I think if we would have had a better quarterback this year, like a Derek Carr or Jimmy Garrapalo, we would have seen Garrett be THE #1 Receiver in the league. Yes, there - I said it. And we'd be looking at both the OROY and DROY. Garrett is just. That. Good. And a truly fierce competitor, his boyish-like love and joy for the game - to the point of celebrating like a kid in a sandlot game when his teammate scores - I luv that about this kid - not withstanding, this kid does not quit.

And when I think of what-might-have-been... had we actually had a good, consistent quarterback, had Breece Hall not gone down with an injury (two candidates for OROY? Ya Betcha!!!)... (sigh...). Well so much for that dream; if frogs had handguns than birds wouldn't eff with them.

So David, summary - we improved, but not-there-yet. Time to look forward to what needs to be done:

1) get a new Quarterback. Jimmy G or Derek Carr. Win-Now. Plus draft a prospect in 3R or 4R.

> How? package Zach to someone who believes they can do a better job fixing him, 'cause as far as New York is concerned, that train left the station. He can get fixed, but it can't happen here (Saleh, I disagree with you on your statements, time to display best-for-team over best-for-very-gifted-but-SCREWED-up-player). Yes I know, it'll cost - but what's the cost in comparison of having a team with an excellent defense and tremendous playmakers (Hall, Knight, Wilson, Moore, Conklin) GO TO WASTE because your QB is losing games for you?

2) FIX THE OFFENSIVE LINE! AVT is a rock solid. Keep Mitchell & Herbig, they showed enough for me to feel comfortable that they can get better, alot better with good coaching, proper scheming. GOODBYE Tomlinson. Overpaid, and overvalued. THANK YOU FOR STEPPING UP, Duane. I like you, but not for the money that you're getting paid (and lets face it, both these guys raked in Big Bucks because of the Becton-Fant injuries and JD NEEDED to stop the O-Line bleeding). David, your observation on yesterdays fiasco, that Laurence Duvernay-T was the best OLineman out there - man on man, but sometimes I really, really do not like when the Truth hurts like this.

> How? Draft, my man, the Draft! If we're not putting 3 of the top 4 picks we have into the OLine, then I'm worried. OK, so if we get Carr via trade, that calculus will suffer, but you get my drift. Only starters or guys who have started which I think we should keep - AVT, McGovern, Herbig, Mitchell. And yes, Becton, but only because of his rookie contract, and really, 2023 is his last chance to fix this.

2a) Also explicitly stating here and now. sports media/shark tank has been making noises about Douglas failing to fix this. Those guys are full of it; Joe has been working minor miracles in the face of tremendous adversity.

2a - point one: Start with Becton; what are the odds that he's out for two years? The fault on the Becton issue, i believe, lies with the Jets team in allowing him to work on getting better outside of the team facilities (and monitoring/guidance/management). They should have kept him in 1JD, and pressed to have him on a weight program, get him down to 330 from the 380 he was lugging around.

2a - point two: Injuries. We've had six starting offensive tackles. This is Joe's fault?

2a - point three: Free Agents signed. Tomlinson and Brown - both vets with very good to great resumes, both fighting against Father Time (who ultimately gets us all). Both knew the Jets were desperately in need of OLine help. Both their contracts reflect they knew this, and took advantage of it. What alternatives did Douglas have at the time of signing? You know you're gonna pay, cause there are no freebies in this scenario, so you structure the contract as best you can, in a way that the mercenary agents for this guys know will get their clients good $$$, while leaving your team in the best possible shape to cut bait if things don't work out as you hope. In the case of Tomlinson and Brown, their deficiencies - in pass blocking, run blocking... in short, in playing as competent OFFENSIVE LINEMEN - just ran into Father Time about 3 games ago. Am not condemning their effort; I think they gave it their best - but their best just ran out of steam.

OH, and by the way, on the above weaknesses in pass protection? I don't know what you may see in the tape upon replaying the game, but it seems like in LaFleur's scheme, he doesn't much like keeping a back in for pass protection very often.

3) COACHING. Yes, we talk about LaFleur alot and with good reason... but I got serious beefs with Ulbrich - and beyond that, with Saleh from a philosophy standpoint.

3a) Philosophy first. Yes, we have a dominant front-four, but if the back seven are playing keep-the-ball-in-front-of-you, then a well run West Coast offense stressing quick passes to capable playmakers has consistently defeated our defensive strength. As Geno and the Hawks did, as Trevor and Jags did last week, as the Bills, the Vikings, the Patriots have done... gee whiz, I can almost see a trend in that!!! OH, and by the way, this "keep the ball in front of you, avoid chunk plays" bullshit? Well, the Hawks still got plenty of good chunk plays yesterday, didn't they? That's a weakness here - and has been for our Defense all year long. Why didn't the Jets blitz more this game? Geno's stats showed him to be a much less capable QB when being pressured. He had TIME to get the play out, and if our front-four rush is not unsettling him, than Ulbrich should have been sending five guys more often. And not just on passing downs, but 1st and 2nd downs, too. In situations where the Hawks wouldn't expect him to. Remember, these teams watch our tape as much as we do theirs; and I'd say that in their eyes, Ulbrich is almost boringly predictable in this regard. And if you're gonna blitz more, than your guys can't sit back in the usual "keep it in front of you" scheme; press coverage; chip that TE coming off the line, check those Receivers as they start their routes; take that split-second AWAY from their timing routes - do not just let them HAVE that time, KEEP their initiative, and run their play while we wait for our front four to get there and REACT to THEM. Dammit, I hate that! Defenses should always, always, always be ATTACKING the offense! Get them out of their rythym, make THEM REACT to YOU.

Is it a risk? Damn right it is... higher chance of them getting big, chunk plays when you do this. But - considering (Ulbrich and Saleh, looking at you guys on this...) that they were getting chunk plays anyways in our normal scheme - what did you have to lose by using this mind-*^$k psychology against them? It's like Deja-Vu all over again, like teams stacking the box against Zach, daring him to beat them with the passing game, except on the defense side in that they know Ulbrich won't bring additionaly pressure so they tailor their Offensive plans accordingly.

Finally on defense, the tackling deficiencies are glaringly obvious - and that's on coaching and practice - so Ulbrich and Saleh, what ITF are you guys DOING about this??

Well that's it for me, I'm spent this morning - knowing we're better than last year is OK, but compared to knowing we had the chance to be even better, but weren't - that effin' hurts, man.


Jets 4 EVER! Even when I feel like shit...

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Appears Mike White was no where near where he should have been to be the QB in terms of health. If I wanted to see passes that bad, they should have put Zach behind center. The offense was neither prepared nor motivated. The defense, while they seemed to play hard, missed so many tackles. They made RB Walker look like Walter Payton. I would have loved to see Saleh chew out his players and coaches. He had the look of a man getting his butt kicked and there was nothing he could do about it. (I've been there and it isn't fun.). Coach Saleh must never allow such poor play calling and performance to ever happen again.

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Development questions -

Is JJ ready to be our starting Edge? If so, I assume we cut Lawson?

Can Ruckert have a meaningful role next year? JD said he was a bulldog in run blocking. We needed run blocking help but didn't see him. Would love to see it. Uzomah can't be cut for a year so we'll need a plan for the 3 of them. will we use 3 TE set like Seattle? Can Ruckert play some FB like the Ravens?

Max Mitchell was a developmental OT/OG to eventually be a starter. Are we ready for that time to be today? If so I'd still draft OL in R1 but that would shift our strategy.

RB - Bam was a KR in college. Assuming Breece is healthy, can Bam replace Berrios at KR?

Breece + Bam + MC. Bye J-Rob and bye Ty Johnson.

Can Clemons take on more, being the 3rd edge?

Will we resign Huff? He's been a big part of our 3rd down, paired with Lawson. Can Huff take on a bigger role, or have we discovered the way to use his strengths without his weakness?

Can Quincy develop some instincts and discipline? He's much improved but I'm skeptical

Can we get Moore back to the ascending prospect he looked like in his rookie season? Use him as a slot WR and occasionally outside

If we had to cut Corey Davis for salary, do we have any confidence Mims grows again? I don't. Do we sign a similar WR, or tweak the offense for a guy like Mims to be successful?

What happened to Bryce Hall?

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Thanks CG - good detective work ! This is all well and good but basically Douglas is a nincumpoop. His free agent signings atrocious (The Jets have no safeties) Davis doesnt stay on the field same with Lawson - every lineman he signs gets injured. He just cant stay and run another draft - and then you add in all ass no gas as a coach your talking same old jets - Im done i cant support this mess any longer 50 plus years and im done !

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positions to consider for draft and FA -

-OT - starter to upgrade Brown or add depth behind Becton. (I assume we let Fant walk. I'd take him as a swing tackle if he doesn't find a team that wants him to start.

-Safety - need 2! Adams is solid as 3rd safety. Whitehead was bad at most aspects of the position. Joyner is sub par. Draft a starter on Day 2, and let him start immediately.

-C- to replace CMG if we don't resign him.

-LB - Quincy is FA. Plus we need a CJ replacement in 2024. Quincy improved but still over runs the play. CJ is great, but expensive for a 2 down LB. I think a day 2 pick starts next to CJ.

-WR - if cutting Corey Davis. Mims isn't ready to assume most of the role. Maybe we spend less here, now that it's WR2 or WR 3

-iDL - pair with Q so we don't get gashes by run. Guys like Rankins are OK for another year

-KR /PR to replace Berrios. Zonovan has KR experience, which can work if Breece and MC are healthy

Punter to replace Mann. He's been terrible. It's time.

-OG - to eventually replace Laken. Dead money may mean he stays for one year. If so we still should consider a mid round pick to develop and add depth. He's been the most disappointing FA signing.

What did I miss?

Fine - CB, Edge, TE. I think that's it.

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Hi David

Really enjoy your posts, they are so detailed, you could well be the Jets Stats guru, or keeping MLF on a short leash, advising the best plays etc!

When do your posts become subscriber-paid only (apart from Mondays).


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yes been season ticket holder for 39 years now - thats enough

I do like watching it live better then on TV but just cant continue to supposrt this nonsense.

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Hey CG - thanks for taking all the time to document this - inpressive. I knew he came being schooled by Newsome or at least expsoed to him all those years. However, in today's NFL it doesnt take 5 years (counting next year) to build at least a playoff team. Just blowing two number 1 picks one of them the second overall pick should get him fired. Becton is a total bust he couldnt have done his homework on that one. The punter he wont get off of. Ashton Davis ? He has tried to build a offensive line 4 straight years and has failed very year. There is nothing for him to build on top of there as his drafting is so bad. Time to bring in someone else in and all ass no gas can go with him.

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David, a lot of people are saying get Sean Payton. Problem with him, is that the Saints still have him under contract. They say it will take a first round pick to get him.

How about Woody going after Jim Harbaugh, if this blows up this week

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Jan 2·edited Jan 2

Disappointing again to see them come out and stay flat. MW missed a lot of throws.

Two positive observations: The play by play announcers pointed out that Braden Mann pivoted or cantered the punt or it would have been blocked. Looking back at the replay I could see it. For a 24 yard punt I have to say it was a good play.

S Tony Adam’s filled in for LaMarcus Joyner and I saw him make a number of plays. He had two big hits off the top of my head. We have a FS or at least a very good backup!

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I think I need to find better ways to use my time, but if I'm going to continue to watch the Jets, my hope is that the organization learns from its mistakes. The combination of hiring a highly-regarded coordinator (usually defensive), pairing him with a rookie QB and a bad offensive line is not working. I think Douglas and Saleh should get another year, but I think they have to make changes to the staff and cut ties with or renegotiate contracts with Carl Lawson, Corey Davis, and C.J. Uzomah to improve the team starting with a QB. Douglas deserves to be on the hot seat for striking out with his entire first draft and the QB and needs to approach next season as his last chance to build a playoff team in NY.

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