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hey David -

like Jet-O, I'm in the Carr camp. Actually I'm in the ABAR (Anybody but... fill in the blanks...) camp. Rodgers is declining, and yes, he's good enough to make the playoffs even in his twilight - but he's only got one ring, and has faltered in the playoffs. Like everyone knows, it's a team game, no One Guy can get you there unless the other 21 guys are balling lights out, too.

There is something to be said for the impact an elite level player can have on a team, and it doesn't have to be QB. Examples can be seen if one looks for what's missing when the impact player is missing, too. (1) Bills Defense at beginning of 2022 - suffocating... vs Bills Defense that played Cinci last week. Difference? No Von Miller. (2) Jets Offense with Breece Hall & AVT vs the stinker version w/out these studs.

Greatest example of what a great player can do for the team? The 2017 Superbowl, Patriots vs Falcons. To me, that was the greatest game of football I have ever seen. The Falcons were the better team, just not in Dan Quinn's mind. Everyone knows about the comeback, but how it was done was amazing. The Patriots O & D lines were both rather just a nudge above pedestrian, yet they played beyond themselves in that game. They believed and yes, Brady was the key reason why they believed. That is a moment in time that Brady can hang his hat on; he was absolutely the GOAT right then and there.

Is Rodgers that kind of QB, though? I don't think so. He's more finicky, in a losing effort, he strikes me as more apt to look at his own performance, and if he can say that he "didn't lose" the game, then I think he rides on that. Leaving the burden on the other guys, who maybe played well enough, but didn't play good enough. A gifted leader - think Joe Namath in the 1967 and 1968 years - knows how to bring out the best in his teammates. I don't think Rodgers has that super power (Favre, however, did - his teammates would go through walls for him).

And if ownership thinks getting a "Stafford to the Rams for a Ring" successful paradigm here in NYJ-land will work for the fans, then Woody should just sell the team to an owner who doesn't just love the Jets, but loves football. Because the worst kinda owners are the ones that kill the future for a chance at the ephemeral passing moment of glory. I hope Woody isn't this type.

JetOrange, your "... crushing hopes of retaining the members of the 2022 draft class..." hits me right in my hara. I want my modern day version of Klecko, Gastineau, Revis, Martin, Ferguson, Mangold on this team. I hope Jets Ownership agrees with everything you wrote.

Finally, David - completely off-tack question (you know me, when people say "think outside the box", well, this is what thinking outside the box looks like when I do it) - where is it written that the team trading for a player is bound by the contract that player signed with the team he's moving on from? The writers all make it sound like it's a given; but i'm not so sure - can you help clarify that?

There is just so, so much wrong with that concept. It's how you get a Russell Wilson (5yr, 242mil, 161mil guaranteed and NO FUTURE ANYTHING FOR THE DURATION OF THE CONTRACT) anchor tied around the team neck, choking everything off. When I think of Rodgers to the Jets, with Peter King casually stating it will cost two #1 picks plus the yuge contract, that's the image that comes to mind.


Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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Very very in depth piece - thank you. For anyone who cares i did in fact renew my seats ( i know by halloween i'll regret it) and moved inot the 50 Club. I stood at cold and windy Shea to watch Joe Namath and pay 5 bucks to do it. I'm treating myself to go to the 50 Club for one year. Can I get a Championship at home in 2024 ?

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First and foremost, let’s thank and commend a very special patient Wife. We never thank our wives enough.

I’m in the Carr camp, primarily because of the compensation, but also because the Rogers scenario will play out until June. Not an ideal situation , for new Offensive Coaches, and a new Offensive System. Further , I feel the Packers & Rogers are playing the Jets, the market for Rogers is not that big. On the Finance side, let me point you to an article in “ Over the CAP” where Jason outlines that the Rogers Deal is a TWO year deal, with serious CAP consequences in 2026 & 2027, crushing hopes of retaining the members of the 2022 Draft Class. Yesterday reminded me , that great teams , have to overcome multiple injuries, to achieve success, you need a deep roster. Carr is the guy, there is a lot of smoke, there will be competition, Hackett is your salesman , but be prepared for the alternative of Bridgewater, Minshaw or Brissett.

Like Carters Resume, and that he has Coached TE’s , RB’s as well as the Offensive Line. TE’s could be a strength for this team, with Ruckert emerging in this system.

The runnning backs, led by Hall will love this system. The question for the Offense Line is who fits. Ben Power’ is a FA, versus McGovern, does Herbig fit ? Interesting Offseason.

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Thanks David

The guy w/ the "my way or you're a moron" tweet is a microcosm of all issues, be they political, financial, sports or entertainment. The participation trophy generation is all grown up and raising kids of their own so everyone thinks that their special, they deserve to be heard and deserve to be right.

Apologies for the rant.

I like the Carter hire, having been an Olineman and coached it as well, I love his "points of emphasis". I only hope he can instill them in whoever is up front for us. The whole time I read the article I imagined Laken Tomlinson sitting in a film room w/ Carter analyzing his "effort".....ouch

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