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David, every time I open one of your articles I know it’s gonna be another treat. This one is no exception. The interesting thing for me was that the two most obvious plays you focused on were not the deeper downfield throws. They were throws 1 and 3. Check downs to the RB’s. The exact type of throw ZW was not able to make with any consistency. These are chain movers. They either get you first downs or keep you ahead of the sticks which for our young team is very important. Thanks again…

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Weekend Parlay: betting against Netherlands, Senegal & Minnesota!!!

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David, a few thoughts/ questions.

Minnesota has one of the worse pass defenses in the league. I know the Jet offense is predicated on the run setting up the pass, could you see the opposite here.

You asked for ideas for your column. The Jets have some future free agents that have played well this year. Our center and Kwon Alexander to name two plus a name that would not have really caused a panic in the base a few weeks ago but has possibly jumped to the top of the list, Mike White. Possible thoughts and ideas on Jet future free agents plus what about Becton.

Lastly, tomorrow night Bills- Pats, who would you like to lose/win. Since they still have to play their two games, I would like to see the Bills win tomorrow. That would put the Pats in desperate mode for the rest of the season. Also, I can’t see the Bills losing two in a row, with the Jets next week, I think it’s better for the Bills to win tomorrow. Jets currently 11 points underdog for rematch. That line alone worth a column.

Nice job by the NFL schedule maker, giving both the Vikings and Bills 10 days rest before their matchups.

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excellent observations, sir - my old eyes can't keep up with all the goings-on like they used to, and seeing it again as you explain it let's me soak in the action. I also noted, on the first example above (four reads in 2.5 seconds - WOW just Dayy-UUUMMMNNN!!!!) how Mike "hops" between reads. it's like his whole body is resetting so that he can have his back foot properly planted should he decide to throw the pass at that moment. He did that three times, and when he threw it to Bam, he was firmly planted and the ball perfectly (and quickly) placed.

So, going back through the old archives on my internal 2K memory chip, I don't recall Zach having this kind of discipline, these mechanics in his throwing motion/reads - especially when under duress. I seem to remember Zach often times looking like his upper torso was going one way while his legs/feet were not set or still in motion running/shifting/backpedaling. Would appreciate your thoughts on if that's one of the things going on with ZW.

In the meantime, keep up the excellent work, David! Go JETS!!!


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Another excellent article DW-H!

Maybe I'm a pessimistic, long suffering Jet fan and/or maybe I am realistic about expectations for MW. He played excellent in cold, rainy, wet conditions. His throws and decision making was impressive and fun to watch. There were many Mike White chants and it was a fun game to be at ( Because of the way the Jets played. The rain sucked. )

But it was against the Bears. The next two games will show where MW is at. I am hoping we can get one W and as much as Coach Saleh is trying to avoid headlines and a QB controversy, the job is MW's to lose. It will be much more difficult to be effective against the Vikings and Bills.

A line from the old game show " To Tell the Truth " : Will the real Mike White please stand up!

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Mike White is overcoming all the biases and narratives that has kept him from being a starter in the NFL. This article demonstrates the quiet “ Brady like “ mobility that Mike uses to become an effective passer. Mike also runs a very nice boot, not a Josh Allen running threat, but could get you a couple of first downs with his legs.

Next it’s putting a couple of games together, and it’s Minnesota this week , indoors, great test. Buffalo was a nightmare last year, if Mike learned his lesson, we could have a legitimate QB controversy. Curious if there are parallels with ZW/MW and the Brady / Bledsoe QB controversy, but that only happens if the Jets win the next two games.

Another big bias/ narrative is that MW doesn’t have the big arm. You throw with your legs, and your mechanics. When defenses begin to squat on the short / intermediate passing game, it maybe necessary to throw a couple of deep sideline rainbows to a streaking Mims, two in one game, will lead to Mike’s coronation. I think White can do it.

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