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As always, David - thanks for a great read. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been shaking my head so much my neck hurts. I don’t have all the answers, but wasn’t Ruckert cleared to play? CJ needs to sit...I say it week after week.

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For all of the good will and accomplishments Saleh has garnered with what he has accomplished here.

He must really stop this nonsense

of saying its coming together, I see it in practice.

I hope he realizes that if this whole negative offense spins out of control, he makes himself unhirable by any other team if he is fired.

It’s one thing to be stubborn, it’s another thing to be stupid. Being loyal to your coaches is admirable but at what a cost.

Is it more important to you that you are loyal than you are employed.

Unlike baseball with its 162 games, the NFL with its 17 game schedule makes every game life or death record wise. Sometimes you just can’t wait, you must react.

Saleh is only one of two people trying to sell this we are close nonsense, the other is Hackett.

Saleh has to understand that it can get very nasty here quickly.

His owner over reacts to what the press and social media says. Woody has made some crazy decisions over the years. In this particular case, anything that he does because of Hackett, will be treated with great jubilation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have two pictures for you.

Coach, watch the tv replay of the game.

On Hackett’s insistence of using the shotgun formation on short yardage plays, the camera caught Rodgers roll his eyes negatively on the third and one that the Raiders blew up for a loss.

After the game, television showed JJ sitting by himself on the bench. His face said it all. It wasn’t pretty.

The last few years the Jets have played the Bills very closely. If the Jets go up to Buffalo and lose a close low scoring game because the offense is inept, you could see this lockerroom explode.

It doesn’t take a genius to see it’s broken.

The Raider quarterback is a rookie who has played in maybe 3-4 games, the Raider OC was calling plays in his second lifetime NFL game. They BEAT your defense coach. They BEAT your team. Not because they were good but because your quarterback and OC are inept.

From this mornings Peter King column

It’s time, Jets.

I can’t think of anything more offensively inept in all the time I’ve covered the NFL than this: In the last four-and-a-third games for the Jets (games against Vegas, the Chargers, the Giants, Philadelphia, and the last 20 minutes of the Denver game), the Jets have had 55 possessions. They have scored two offensive touchdowns. Both have come on one-play drives. The Eagles laid down strategically to let Breece Hall score an 8-yard rushing TD in Week 6. Zach Wilson hit Hall on a pop pass for a 50-yard TD against the Giants in Week 8.

The rest of the 53 drives in 17 quarters-plus? No touchdowns.

I know why Robert Saleh and the Jets have fervently and consistently defended Wilson for the last couple of months. They figure if they bench Wilson, he’s finished. And they want him to benefit from an extended time being mentored by Aaron Rodgers, which is logical. But the problem in not going to either of the backups, Tim Boyle or Trevor Siemian, is that you’ve got a team to face. If the other 21 starters play at Wilson’s level, they get benched. It’d be an understandable double-standard if Wilson showed promise … if, say, he got the team into the end zone inside the two-minute warning at Vegas Sunday night instead of throwing a pass into the hands of Raiders linebacker Robert Spillane to lose the game.

With games against Buffalo and Miami coming in a six-day span next week, and the Jets 4-5, it’s Pollyannaish to continue to hope Wilson’s going to see the light. He might, but he’s almost certainly not going to. The best chance to win must-games coming up is by energizing the team with a quarterback change. It’s time.

Lastly, last week two gentlemen who post here criticized me when I said that Uzomah was a terrible blocker. They both told me that he was a very good blocker.

Well the very good blocking Mr Uzomah proved you two gentlemen wrong. He actually cost the Jets the win.

I’m really mad that I was right on this one, it cost a win.

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hey Bobber -

Yeah, I hate it when you're right...

"... If the other 21 starters play at Wilson’s level, they get benched ..." So true, and that's considering that Zach has marginally improved since last year, but shows no consistency, suspect accuracy, and in painfully small and rare spurts of creativity, shows he can overcome his flaws and play better.

Now, there is so much of this that lays at the feet of the offensive line injuries, and of insisting on using Uzomah in blocking when he has Ruckert the IHOP certificate ATM there to be used in his place. This is squarely on HACKETT, and more so on SALEH for not have the fucking Cojones to make the needed change.

you're calling balls and strikes, Bobber - always look forward to your remarks. As for Saleh? He is approaching a precipice where he just might lose the team.


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I have a few comments.

What, exactly, does a quarterback change accomplish? Insert a quarterback who is worse than Zach Wilson (who actually played a solid game last night) and knows less of the offense than Zach Wilson does what, exactly? I'm truly trying to understand the reasoning behind those calls. It, simply, doesn't make much sense. If you have the answer, please, lay it on me. If you replace Wilson, you're changing the style of offense, once again, you're carving out a substantial portion of the offense because neither Boyle or Siemian have the intimate knowledge and comfort with the scheme that Wilson has. You're hamstringing yourself and wind up having less of the playbook to call from. I truly want to know what benching him is supposed to do.

Uzomah, regardless of the holding penalty, is still a good blocker. A holding penalty doesn't make somebody a terrible blocker. The guy still grades out, and has consistently graded out for his entire career, as a good blocker. That hasn't changed. It's a mistake, for sure, but the point still stands. He is a good blocker who is blocking the potential of a younger player. That doesn't make him a bad.

Also....on the Rodgers shaking his head play-call: the play actual results in a converted first down if Mekhi Becton doesn't completely whiff on the scraping linebacker. I understand why the article was written about that moment, but it just doesn't square with reality. When the box is favorable to run against, you ought to run it. They even ran it to the side that is strongest (towards Becton and Tomlinson). It's a case of waaaaaaay too many mistake, but it isn't some kind of blunder of a play-call. It does, however, highlight other problems with the team and coaching staff that could, actually be worth spending time discussing.

Finally, that Robert Spillane pick, while not a stupendous feat of athleticism by any stretch of the imagination, was still a damn good football play. It's on Zach Wilson to make a better decision there. He clearly tried to squeeze something into a place he was more comfortable with rather than moving on to his next progression, but trying to squeeze something in isn't the same thing as misreading a defense or not seeing somebody.

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hey David -

everything you say is correct. Don't lose heart, David. I'm not going to fluff a "will get better" here - we've done that a hundred times already, but let's stick with our guys.


> Uzomah, but FUCK did I scream at my TV - kept on yelling, "put RUCKERT IN THERE!" - I mean, What in the Holy Shitstorm, Coño Carajo Malparido FUCK is Hackett leaving Uzomah in there to run a Key Block when it is RUCKERT who is head and shoulders clearly the BEST BLOCKER - DAMNITT, HACKETT!!!

> On Saleh and his "... frustrating... different ways... to not get in the end zone ..." - Robert, a question for you - Is it the eleven guys on the field who are creating this frustration? Or is the PLAY-CALLER/OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR who is creating this???!!! Man the Fuck up, Coach! Open your eyes!!! Take a page from Parcells - SHAKE UP THE FUCKING TREE!!! Give play-calling to someone else for a change! Doesn't have to be permanent - but a GOOD GRABBING BY THE SCRUFF OF THE NECK can be THERAPEUTIC!!!


> Saleh, you're being asked point blank by the Media sharktank, why the confidence if you won't change the play-caller or the QB. This is one of those "... EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ..." - everyone in the room but YOU can see this... why do you willfully remind blind to this point?

> Saleh, take your "... moving the ball well ..." and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. OUR GUYS ARE NOT PLAYING WELL, and if you're not pushing for light-the-spark changes, then this is on YOU!!!

> Hackett - a question for you --- Gase's offense averaged more points than we are, and they did it with 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounders no Studs like Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, Tyler Conklin on those teams. Why is that?

> Wilson. Man, his processing still suffers. And his accuracy was shoddy last night. Making Wilson jump, exposing his ribs to make the catch - I had flash backs of poor Al Toon being laid out vulnerable like that back in the day. PROTECT YOUR FUCKING RECEIVERS, ZACH!! The main difference between Zack v2022 and v2023 - you don't panic like you used to, but inherent flaws - accuracy, timing, still need work.

> Saleh "not setting the wheels in motion... " for a change. David, despite the great things Saleh has overseen, most significantly the building of a championship caliber defense considering what he had on the cupboard three years ago - cannot be diminished or ignored. But not willing to make a difficult choice shows your limitations as a HC - and you keep this shit up, your vaunted defense will wither away, the stud players we have on BOTH sides of the ball, are not going to re-up for their second contract with the Jets. Coach, you are steadily moving towards alienating our best players and killing the very team that you strive so hard to make great.

> David, truer words have not appeared on TJW: on Zach "... is not being helped by Hackett, but he’s also not helping ..." So, so true. we can effectively say that last year Zach was seriously hurting the team with his horrendous play. This year, he's gotten to the point where he no longer destroys the team with his mistakes --- but has proven/continues to prove that he can't consistently elevate his game to where he can put the team on his back and carry them over the line. He did so in the last minute against the Giants. We need extended, consistent excellence from the QB, not a managed mediocrity that we now have. And I say that, knowing that he does best in quick, 3 step drops, 2.5 seconds or less time to release - which he did last night, but still the ball placement was very off.

> Stroud coming up in a few weeks. Man what a comparison, what a difference! If only!!!

> Cook - looked better, but part of that was the defense wasn't respecting him on the runs, as opposed to everyone on the D converging to " stop BREECE " everytime #20 had the ball. Of course, running Breece between the tackles on the right side - Hackett brain spasms again. Or running Breece on the left, which is better - they create a hole for 20 to go through, but had no lead blocker to take on that LB who simply plugged the hole and stopped the run. Again, that's on Hackett.

> No apologies needed, David - thank you for your effort and diligence. If anything, you and we can vent together.



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The running game just feels consistently doomed by spillage. There are always guys getting loose on the second level. The 3rd down run call is a great example of that (the one the Post tried really hard to make into a Rodgers vs. Hackett thing). Becton blows his assignment and you wound up with Breece Hall getting hit in the backfield. The blocking on the edges just feels so leaky. Those penalties, though....I'm not sure what the best way to address that kind of thing is. I suppose there's something to taking away the play-calling responsibilities from Hackett and asking him to take on more of a leadership role. I understand he is already the "leader" of the offense as the OC, but perhaps taking the play-calling off of his plate is the kind of thing that might allow him to focus on directing his attention to cleaning up the little things. You run into the issue, however, of shaking up the actual preparation. As is, I imagine Downing is handling the planning of the passing game and Carter is handling the planning of the running game. If Downing calls plays, you'd probably want to feel good about spreading that responsibility (offensive game-planning) elsewhere.

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Excellent summary David! Hopefully you will not need a template if this weeks summation for next week, unfortunately I would not advise deleting it. More of the same....uninspired play calling, self immolation via penalties and sub-optimal QB play, particularly when it is most needed

I fear the season is slipping away.

Continued Suboptimal offensive play

at all levels is dooming the Jets. Yes, G Wilson is a star as is Breece Hall but there is little else on Offense. Any change would help...maybe.

There are a lot of needed fixes for next year, such as improving the o-line particularly its depth, the injury bug has been bad ...and beyond Wilson and Conklin, the receiver room is rather barren.

Given the horrid play on the offensive side and the hodgepodge I

I-line, do u really risk bringing back Rodgers? Never heard of anyone returning so soon! Wouldn’t want to see him re-injured in a lost cause!

Perhaps some changes, anything to change the narrative would be welcome!

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I normally don't like to know the results of the game so I turn off the notifications on my phone and don't look at any websites that might show them. Accidentally, I checked my e-mail and saw the subject in David's e-mail. Actually, now i am glad that I did as it saved me the torture of once again watching this pitiful offense. So thank you David. I started to think about what happened to the GM's and Coaches who had Ryan Leaf and DeMarcus Russell. Does anybody know who they were and their tenure shortly after having these players? I will take a guess without knowing that they didn't last long. Obviously, it's a hideous remark on one's resume when the #2 pick in the entire draft turns out to be a disaster. After going thru 2 years with Zach, the move to get Rodgers was smart though I preferred Carr. Younger and no draft capital. And knowing that the plan was to have Rodgers for 2 years and then let Zach try again after re-signing at a pretty low number. That way, the blemish on their resumes would somewhat dissipate. Stubborn Stubborn. And bringing in a competent backup I believe would have muzzled their projected picture. Now, with Zach, an awful coordinator (he is his father as when his name ever comes up I have awful memories) and a horrific offensive line, the nightmare continues. I am sure Woody is doing heavily meddling as well. I actually was optimistic about JD when he was hired because of the pedigree as to where he had worked ( Baltimore and Philadelphia). However, outside of those really top 4 picks in 2022 and DJ Reed and Quincy, I think the rest has been quite bad. I hope if Aaron comes back in mid December they aren't completely out of it. Otherwise, it wudn't be worth the risk.

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You know; I always thought that their plan for Zach Wilson, if they'd have gone the Carr or other dude route would've been releasing him. I can't help but think that the sheer amount of assets invested in Rodgers made them hold on to Wilson.

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Well guys, lucky us once again had the joy of watching yet another snooze 😴 fest. We all know the old Einstein line about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Watching the game with the wife I literally called every play prior to the snap. If an old retired high school coach can do that how hard would it be for even a remotely qualified DC to do the same. We are just so predictable it’s gotta be a dream to play defense against us. You guys know I’m not Sach Wilson fan. And no, I’m not about to say he was great, or even good yesterday. But he wasn’t the reason we lost. Not this game. We have receivers who can’t catch the football as even on a pass Lazard did catch he actually double caught it! The Uzomah hold was just a bonehead screw up. Hall had already run through the hold. No need to hold there. And it was so obvious I saw it clearly before the replay. Even the final Hail Mary throw could have been caught if Conklin didn’t get a hand in it. That’s the second Hail Mary play this season we had a decent shot at. But a season goes the way it’s gone so far I guess happy endings just don’t happen😔

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No sorry is ever needed from you David ! I said it after the Charger game - this season is over with. At 4-7 (after black friday game) really looking at draft positon AGAIN ! This GM and Coach need to be fired. The owner wont cause they all are waiting on Rogers for next year. Its unfathomable that this Coach doesnt get they have all the wrong type of losses in losing these AFC games. He actually thinks there is a season left and won't make a change. Its incredibly frustrating that this defense is being wasted . No one is held accountable for a undisplined team. I actaully watched ed a lot of the NY Ranger game rather then 3 and outs all nite. Worried we lost Lingren . In closing I HATE BEING A JETS FAN !! It has to be the worse organization on the planet.

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AR call plays

Lazard & Cobb shown the door

Rookie WR's don't know playbook? Oh My....there's another plus!

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No apologies necessary David, you are just calling it as it is. I watched last night's game knowing exactly what was going to end up happening, and it did. One bright spot for the offense was that Max Mitchell did a decent job on Crosby in pass pro. But Crosby is not only a pass rusher, he's the epitome of a player who doesn't take any plays off, or even come out of a game. He helped tremendously in negating the jets' rushing attack and was always lurking, looking to make a play.

Sack is pitiful, despite looking relatively decent last night. That pick was a carbon copy of all the picks he has had because he stares down a receiver. And when they had a great opportunity on that flea-flicker, you can't expect Garrett Wilson to make that play when he was obviously in pain from that right elbow.

Uzhoma's penalties were both killers that took the wind right out of the sails. The first one wasn't even necessary because the Raiders' #90 wasn't going to be able to catch Breece. The second one was worse, taking 6 points off the board and guaranteeing FG attempt. He should have not been on the field and/or getting blocking assignments that should be going to Ruckert. Teamwise, the penalties were all unforced errors, which are the worst kind. It shows a lack of focus and discipline. To me, that comes back to Saleh and the position coaches. There's no point in bringing up The Hacker, we all know he sucks dog's balls and has less common sense than most household pets and domestic farm animals.

Several times last night I swear I saw a look on AR's face that said "What the hell am I doing here ??????". At this point I have zero confidence in Saleh's ability to be a truly successful coach. The defense played a hell of a game once again but suffered once again by being on the field way too long and being gashed on the ground late in games.

The season is over and that's that. When they keep throwing Sack out there, it just reinforces that absolute fact that the Jets will have a relatively high first-round pick, which is the only silver lining. They could conceivably not win another game this season.

Lazard was a huge bad signing and is looking worse every day, and he should have at least come back towards the ball on that play that resulted in the pick. He also almost dropped that key pass he caught.

I could go on and on, but I actually have important things to do.

The Jets are a complete and total shitshow, from top to bottom.

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