Aug 11, 2022Liked by David Wyatt-Hupton

If Zach makes the improvement we are all hoping for this year, and I'm not talking huge leap but the steady improvement we all want to see, then a lot of that will be to do with continuity...continuity of HC, OC and therefore scheme. It would be wrong in that case to dismiss the continuity at Centre (yes I spelt it right, I'm English 😉) and Left Tackle, so re-signing McGovern and Fant should be top of JD's to-do list to my mind, to not do so might just constitute a dereliction of duty.

With those two locked up the Jets then have a Right Tackle they have a lot of faith in (Mitchell), a Tackle that has all the talent but can't be absolutely relied on given his history (Becton) and are left looking for a reliable swing tackle, most like in free agency next year, and a Mitchell level type Centre in the draft.

I'm starting it now #re-signfantandmcgovern ...

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