Just a quick note on these UDFA signings. Some of them have signed contracts like Kahlef Hailassie, and some have just agreed to attend camp like Tim Demorat. It's hard to get definitive information on these, so I've just included them all in this piece. If someone offers one of the camp invites a contract, then they will likely sign that and not attend the Jets camp. That's why the UDFA lists differ and why some players who are listed above, may never actually make it to Jets camp.

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hey David!

all this speed - i think Boyer is going to keep a couple a these guys, make the Special Teams faster - someone for Justin Hardee to mentor into the next premier Teams guy.

Whaddathink? and don't answer me now, wait 'till tomorrow... ya got better things to do today (thumbs up on the expected ETA of 1JA (1 Jets Angel).


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How many of these make the practice squad? We had some promising guys on the PS last season (Irv Charles). Are they mostly replaced or do some make it again?

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