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I am so excited for camp. I saw that Bleacher report on Becton and the Steelers. Why give that any credence? Is that where we are nowadays, people can write anything and it gets covered. Once the Jets picked Sauce over an OL, all talk of Becton being replaced was over. Not that I expected anything else, but that was the moment that showed Joe D rightfully has not given up on Becton. Why would he? He was an excellent rookie but got slowed down with injuries and in his second year he was out with an injury. Who would give up on a first round beast after one injured season because he was out of shape during the off season. Its nuts. And on top of that he was our GM's first pick with the Jets and we know how much he loves his OL. Please, don't lower yourself like the beat writers with this Becton nonsense. Its Becton or bust and I like our chances, we just need a backup Tackle for depth.

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