hey Dave,

Just saw this on the wire, as of about 45 min ago, MW is out and Zach will be starting --


key sentence: "... Saleh told reporters on Friday that doctors won't clear White for contact, after last week's hits that put him in the hospital for precautionary tests..."

Is Z ready, has he corrected his mechanics? Has he corrected his processing speed? I don't think so... better football minds that mine have said this is a process that needs time, like months to and through the off season.

A couple a' weeks inactive... will this turn the pumpkin into Cindarella? (... groan, face plant, getting cushion ready for my sitting on the window sill in case our guys don't win, and I feel like just ending it all... )

But I hope he's fixed enough to not lose the game for the team.

Oh... and just so no-one gets the wrong idea about where my head is at, let me confirm to youze all - Hope is NOT a winning strategy.


"... and remember guys, I am a Jets fan because otherwise, drinking heavily on Sunday afternoons would make everyone think I'm an alcoholic..."

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Right CGVet58 - we are screwed no matter what we drink, eat, or crap out. Always comes down to injuries withg this team. In this case a bad draft pick on top of it in Wilson. They jets HAVE to win the next 2 to get to the playoffs or any chance of it - and i see that slipping away with a loss with Wilson at the helm tomorrow - unlike David i cant get behind this guy (and i bought his jersey last year).

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Hi Chris - that is a different thread and throught then 'injury prone' Thats haveing guts and toughtness - which i haven't seen since Namath played and got beat up ! He got injured last year after a game and 1/4 as starter. Then this year after 2 games as a starter he gets injured again. He has played 2 and 1/4 games (2021) and 2 games (2022) - i stand by what i said - he is injury prone and cant not be the long term answer as QB for the Jets

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Thanks for sending - i remember those throws just like yesterday and loved his darts. Imagine - black and blue marks on the bodies LOL ? Thats the thing in 2-3 weeks did he really speed up his delivery - does he not move the second the line backs up on him does he still throw in the dirt ? We are makning our beds in heaven for sure - just when you thought it was safe - errr nope im breaking out the Titos - will be there Sunday and Thursday in my seats hopingim not leaving early.

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Hi - all good points you make. I was (and maybe too much) comparing last year when he got hurt in the Colts game and that was it for him - back to Wislon. Last year was something in his arm. It gave a small crack for them to put Wilson back in. Agree - ribs take a long time to heal so not sure they using that now to get Wilson back in or just coincidence like Saleh said. However - this is two years in a row for White getting hurt. Can blame Douglas for brining and drafting guys that always get hurt - but its still a fact "injuries' derailed the team again and we have to suffer. The Jets long term QB is not on that roster imo.

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If Q. Williams is out and Z. Wilson now starting at QB - what was a really fell good story could turn into a disater. I've said this before - Mike White can not be the QB of the Jets he is injury prone. Now they in the same position as last year. What did we ever do to deserve all these injuries and another lost year - UGH !

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ZW is being thrown back into the pool again! At least it's not against a good D

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