I apologize for terrible writing. It should be They SAY honesty......

Also NOW that Miami’s season is over

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They honesty is the best policy so here it is.

Saleh would have to take the biggest risk of his career to hire any of the above three mentioned candidates.

Brady is black, Rooney Rule, candidates. The other two are just due diligence interviews. Now that there is zoom. They can talk too as many candidates that they want. Not flying anyone in, no hotel charges, no restaurant dinners , etc.

it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone, it’s how you responded that may be the killer.

I saw some Jet group posts where Jet some Jet fans are already criticizing who they spoke too. This will not be accomplished in two days.

12 quality teams played this weekend. I’m sure they have experienced qualified candidates. Six of those teams coaches are now done for the year. Patience is the word of the day until the OC is hired.

Both Mike Tomlin and Dan Campbell were special teams coaches as assistants, how do they look as HCs. They never ran offenses or defenses, so the fact that the Jets interviewed coaches with no play calling in their careers would be a critical decision

to make but they have to be open minded but as stated above, probably Saleh’s biggest career decision.

Me personally, I really wouldn’t want Hackett. The Hackett name to older Jet fans is probably a “ you have to be kidding me moment.

His father probably the most disliked OC in Jet history.

The younger Hackett while qualified reminds me of Gase. Gase became a HC riding on Manning’s coat tails, Hackett on Rodgers. Hacketts play calling ( yes he called the plays) in Denver this year was very erratic if not calamitous at crucial times in the games. Again if Saleh wants to risk his career, that’s his call but Hackett calling offensive plays for some Jet fans will bring out the torches and pitchforks out a lot faster than any other hire.

Not that Miami’s season has ended, don’t be surprised to see Darrell Bevell hired by next week.

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Depends on how confident you are that we'll get a competent QB and an actual OL, all in one offseason. I think we will but I an OC could be skeptical, knowing MLF offense failure may have started with personnel.

Titans - They can bring back Tannehill instead of cutting, sign or draft WR talent, and then they're solid. High floor.

I think we have more upside and enticing talent, but if the OC does well but we don't make the playoffs he's likely fired. That's pressure, plus scrutiny in NY.

We could literally be looking at AVT and 4 new OL starting. Laken is signed but was terrible, could be cut. CMG was decent but he's a FA in a weak center market. Becton as 1 OT, assuming he's actually healthy for more than a game. Other is a R1 draft pick or Brown or Fant or Mitchell? If we go for a splurge on QB, will we need to start Mitchell at RT to afford the QB?

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"When the game-time temperature is 40 degrees or lower, Carr has a 2-9 record, with 13 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 59% completion rate"

Should this stat concern us for our interest in Carr? (Ignore the record bec that's also defense)

Can a good OC do anything to help?

How often is our game below 40 at Metlife, Foxboro, Buffalo. I haven't seen that analysis

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We've been focused on play calling for OC, and that's important, but the same level might be 4 other aspects -

1-game planning,

2-taking advantage of our (available) personnel,

- minimizing our weaknesses , being flexible on scheme base on our talent level

3 -stressing the defense especially their worst defender or position group

4 -Making adjustments to the game plan in game

I liked MLF but at times he was frustratingly bad at these 4. I think it was an overwhelming amount of things to consider - perhaps he needed more help, but we're past that now.

Now the question is more on how well we can predict potential OC in these areas.

Related question, but does our current talent lend itself to a specific type of scheme? In the NFL, some players are stars in one system but struggle in another. We don't want an OC hire to require cleaning house in talent

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Well, this is not what most of us want to hear at this point. This looks more like a list of candidates to not hire! I hope the options are significantly better as this process moves along.

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LaFluer may have landed in a good spot with McVay and the Rams, wish him the best.

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All three of these candidates, do not have the qualifications for the OC position, but could be considered as Passing Game Coordinators that double as Wide Receivers Coach. This Offense needs a ton of leadership as well as coordination. Saleh needs to get this right, and a veteran play caller is required. But this Offensive staff also needs talented innovative coaches. I expect Bevell to be hired this week as Offensive Coordinator, he is just such a good fit. Darrell will fill out the rest of the Offensive staff, and I expect one of these three candidates will be hired as a Passing Game Coordinator, and serve as Bevell’s right hand man. Douglas will work closely with Bevell in hiring an Offensive line Coach.

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I always enjoy your posting as a fellow long suffering Jets fan. Thank you. Would you consider offering a Seniors discount of perhaps 50%? When you are 72 years old, retired, and on a fixed income every expense must be weighed carefully... they can mount up quickly. Respectfully submitted, Thank you.

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hey Jets fans...

was it just me, or were there a million Jets weeping and gnashing their teeth, wishing Adam Gase hemmorhoids in his ears, upon seeing how good Trevor Lawrence looked (... and thinking were it not for that walking pustule of an excuse for a coach, that we couldda had Trevor)?


Prometheus: Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad

Re: Namath - did he sell his soul to the Devil on the morning of 12 January, 1969? Are we, the ever-suffering base, the price of that bargain?

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Which other teams are looking for a OC? I didn't see our competition

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One theory on the Philly guys -

Guys that developed Hurts and the Eagles offense might be a fit if we make a big swing for Lamar. Lacanfora says he expects Ravens to tag and trade him. Unlike the other QB possibilities, Lamar would need a very different offense to take advantage of his strengths.

I haven't looked closely at either, but it's interesting seeing how different each offense is. Ravens bring in Ricard at FB for a power run game, similar to how the same OC designed it for Kaepernick. Lots of blockers. For Hurts in Philly they spread out the defense with 3 WR sets to let Hurts scramble in man to man. Devonta Smith is tiny, not exactly a blocker.

Lamar seems like an amazing talent but a huge risk that could set back the franchise for 3 more years, like the Broncos with Russell Wilson. Gave up so much. Is Lamar an injury risk? Misses games every year

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lets pray that none of these 3 are hired

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