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unless Saleh knows pep - he wont be coming - doesnt he only hire people he knows - retreads ?

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NO to Rodgers. I didn’t think David Carr was going to allow a trade unless he thought his value is less than his current contract. What a home run that would be for the Jets to sign Carr without giving up compensation.

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Do you like the Downing hire?

Downing was a QB coach and OC for 3 years for Carr. All 3 were pro bowl years for Carr. Oooh that could make Carr more comfortable.

He was OC for the Titans. Good st year but offense went from 15th to 28th. However Tannehill missed 5 games.

Downing worked with Hackett on the Bills in '14

Do you think this is instead of a senior offensive asst like Pep, or in addition?

Carr and Tannehill ties. And Hackett has Rodgers ties. Buckle up!

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yep a great game, downloading it now for my archives.

was rootin for the chiefs, i think Andy Reid is the best, the team luvs playing for him.

Also, I am glad the Eagles lost; they have been getting benefit of non-calls since the division round at least. holding penalties not called, both on offense and on defense - and what the heck is it with the refs not calling false start every time #65 Eagles Tackle jumps and takes an almost step before the rest of the line launches? I pointed this out to my son twice last night, then we saw the Chiefs left tackle do the same thing and the chiefs get the flag??? I hate that shit, and am glad the Eagles finally shut dere mouts in the best way possible; by walking off the field as the "second" best team in 2022.

Mahomes - this kid is amazin'. Heart the size of a city block. And true humility. To think that we passed on him (and Mike Williams, and Christian McCaffrey) and chose... Jamal Adams.


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Its Todd Downing - Titans OC - Salah is hring - passing coordinator. Which is scary as this must mean they really want to give Wilson a shot

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Every year teams look at the SB teams to see what they can emulate.

Here's my 4 takeaways from the Super Bowl teams success -

1 - Both OL's were dominant all season and all game. Hurts had all day to throw, including his 2 45 yd bombs. Mahomes had a bum ankle and still didn't get sacked. KC OL looked great, even against the #1 defense.

Reddick was completely neutralized by KC OL - finished with 1 tackle. We need to replicate.

2 - game planning. Andy Reid kept getting his receivers wide open all season and all game. Changed his offense after losing Tyreek and scored even more this year. SB Halftime adjustments were apparent. OC matters.

3 - QB mobility is difficult to defend, even w/o designed runs

4 - skilled TE's are hard to stop, even if you know they're getting the ball.

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I recently subscribed and love it !! I was given, as a gift, a 1 month free subscription for 3 friends. One of the 3 (my son) received the email to join and 2 of my friends did not. Can you please send them the email? They’re big Jet fans like us. sdmortensen@aol.com And Rjliii0908@aol.com - Thank you !!

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