Still numb from Monday after catching up. It’s the biggest kick in the nuts, and yet we won with so much grit and fight. What we all want from our team. I hope Zach kills it, silences every critic he has. But the likelihood is, we miss out and it’s another busted flush. Would like to see Hackett give him more freedom, but the offensive line may be his biggest Achilles heel going off some of the highlights.

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Personally not a Zach fan, but currently he is the only show in town.

I think one of the biggest issues going forward is, Will Hackett get too conservative with Zach at quarterback.

Right before the go ahead field goal, Garrett was singled covered by a second year, first time starter. Hackett still ran it into 9 in the box.

Costello said that the defense and establishing the running game should be first and foremost unfortunately maybe Costello and Hackett should sit down and watch the 22s from last years game, up in New England.

Belichick had 9 in the box the whole game, and our OC who’s brother is Saleh’s best friend refused to pass the ball.

Throwing the ball in Garrett’s direction could have been a big help in Zach’s development. The Jets will get nowhere keeping Zach wrapped in Saran Wrap, they have to seize the moment when it appears

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Sep 14·edited Sep 14

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Don’t sweat the brevity of your posts. I always enjoy reading your posts. Happy holiday.

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No Edition today 9/15 ? Now the kicker is out - Another season doomed with injuries and its always to key guys

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I don't doubt that the play calling will be far more conservative than it would have been with Rodgers, but Monday was a very tough spot. The entire game plan was upended immediately. I am hoping they will be a touch more aggressive on Sunday. But, at the end of the day, our best chance in the next 5 games is to be more run heavy and hope that the defense can play as well as they did and create turnovers, potentially turnovers in the plus side of the field. Zach wasn't that bad on Monday, outside of that egregious INT, he made most/all (?) of the easy throws. That's a step forward! We will see; there is too much catching talent on the team to just shut things down.

Anyway, the staff will now be working exclusively with Zach, so the game plans will be more tailored and he will have more reps.

I am quite concerned if he gets hurt though. He's been hurt each of his first two seasons; we really have nothing behind him at all. At a minimum they need to bring someone else in to take that backup spot. Not sure who makes the most sense both from an on the field and off the field perspective, but they need someone.

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The Jets will be O.K. and so will Wilson. Think this is a close game against Dallas with the Jets going 2-0 !!!

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I’m certainly no Zach fan but I am a Jet fan since the teams inception as the NY Titans. So for now it’s GO Zach! It is what it is. Am I confident? Nope! But I am hopeful. I’ve been wrong before so one more time really won’t surprise my wife for one. As for the game plan I’m pretty sure the Cowboys will be expecting us to stubbornly try to beat them on the ground and with the short passing game. So there will be 9 man boxes and lots of traffic around the line of scrimmage. Pretty sure David’s right, we will know who Zach Wilson is by the bye week. Looking back I never expected Aaron Rodgers to have any reason to want to come here. So I thought maybe a Jacoby Brissett would be a good place holder until we could draft a QB in what looked like a strong 2024 QB draft class. Oh well....

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hey David!

agreed on the anti-fan assessment - it's both bipolar and sydlexic to root against your QB, even worse than last year because we had Mike White who was better than Zach and came through for us before Matt Milano viciously targetted with a helmet-to-ribs shot.

Yes, we know everything about Zach's flaws, but he did show improvement on Monday night. Can he get better? Hopefully yes. I hope AR serves as a QB Whisperer / quasi coach on the sidelines to Zach during upcoming games. I visualize AR, walking boot and all, on the bench, going over video of the defenses Zach is facing, in realtime at the game, and serving as a calming influence to Z. Plus, if we the Fans see AR out there like this, well just Holy Effin' Cannoli, would we be pumped or what?!!?

Now, the downside; we cannot dismiss the possibility that Zach can regress. I really, really hope not, and if I see the team, if I see Garrett get frustrated with him, then I'll be on the verge of jumping off the ledge @ home. Now here's the thing; as I've mentioned in a post earlier this week, I saw a Tell that the team is with Zach, supporting him, AND that he's in tune with this and open to their team first bond. He didn't have that bond last year; don't know why ( MLF? ) but no matter, it looks like he has it now.

I think this team is in this together, as a team, and hope Zach can continue to improve, do the layups/easy stuff like flat/dump off passes, etc. And prob most important, between Hackett, Zach and the entire offense, contrive plays that keep our guys rolling downfield for a couple-a-three first downs, improving field position, netting points if not outright TD's --- and even more important that all of that - KEEPING OUR DEFENSE WELL RESTED SO THEY CAN COME ON THE FIELD AND DEVOUR OPPOSING QB'S

!!!!!!! and I can't put more exclamation points on that, but youze get my drift.

Now, on getting another QB - David I disagree with you about waiting until the break. I say get one now, and start learning up that kid on the Hackett Playbook RIGHT AWAY. Furthermore, if AR is serving as QB Whisperer to one QB (Zach), he can do it with two. And actually they have Boyle on the PS who also knows this system..

I do NOT think getting a QB during the break (because of a presumed good shot at a long run if our record at that point merits pulling the trigger...) will help, since at that point the newB will STILL need to learn the system.

Contrast that, with getting someone now, before week 2, and having a month to learn this up. Thats where i come out on this point.

Another angle - if we wait 'till the break, other teams are going to know the Jets are really wanting this, and push to scour us for more payment. Eff that, and Eff them - get someone now, costs less, and have the newB with more time to get up to speed.

And no, I don't think Boyle unfortunately is that man - he's been in the system a while, some years and his performance doesn't merit this.

Of the options, I like Minshew the best.

'Sfars taking the training wheels off Zach, there's a middle road - yes Hackett runs the play from the sidelines, but start giving Zach limited audible power - such as audibling into a fly pattern to Garrett if he's left facing a sole CB, like happened a few times on Monday Night (and which Bobber correctly noted). Like my pinging on Brich to bring in unexpected blitzes because opposing OC's had gotten used to just seeing our Fearsome Front Four on the rush, the Buffalo OC brazenly left one CB on Garrett because he pretty much was confident that Zach would not change the play at the LOS -- which is something that no one in their right mind would do if AR were under center.

So Hackett, if you're reading this, learn Zach up with limited audible so that if any defense dares to leave a one-on-one with our elite #17, Zach can change the play to punish them for that.

David - have a GREAT vacation! You're Da BEST - and The Jets Way is THE BEST!!!


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