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On September 11, 2023 at approximately 8:40, for all intent and reasons the Jet season was unofficially over. They are playing out the string due to the malfeasance of the front office and coaching staff.

Aside from a miraculous comeback, No not miraculous, aside from a comeback added tremendously by Bills quarterback Josh Allen playing hot potato turning the ball over 4 times, the season has turned into the most depressing season in Jet history.

It is understandable that in this era of salary cap bingo, there is only so much a team can do based on the contracts of the players on the roster, but how could the Jets bring in a 40 year old quarterback and not also bring in a capable backup.

If Zach Wilson was any good or even if he had shown some progress, the Jets would not had been forced to acquire Rodgers.

So after deciding that Zach was not the answer,

so after acquiring Rodgers for a switch in first rounders, 2- second rounders, a 5 and Elijah Moore,

to guarantee that Rodgers would come, they bring in his best friend who happens to be a mediocre Offensive Coordinator ( and to think Saleh didn’t learn his lesson in hiring friends to be coordinators)

Saleh now says that Zach is the man.

Coach he is not the man. In the NFL, quarterbacks have to process the field in as few the seconds as possible. Zach processes as fast as an hour glass.

Please, bring in a veteran. Push your pride aside, you guys blew the Zach pick, if you don’t when Zach leaves the building at the end of the season for hopefully the last time, you might be stuck walking out with him.

One last thought, the great Jet scouting team wasted the second pick of a draft to take Wilson. Wilson is in his third year.

The Texans took C. J. Stroud with the second pick.

After 3 games, third year pro Zach is

44/84 53.4% 467 yards 2 tds 4 picks

78/121 64.5%. 906 yds. 4 tds 0 picks

For Stroud

Yes, you guys blew it big time.

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This was as putrid a performance as I can remember, and I have seen plenty of them over the past five decades as a Jets fan.

The coaches are afraid of letting their QB throw - with good reason - but that just confirms that he shouldn't be playing QB for the team.

The Defence is nowhere near the '85 Bears standard they have set for themselves, that's just laughable.

The Oline is bad, but gets a slight pass this week as it was a new alignment.

The coaching is terrible. Zach gives us the best chance to win? Ruckert has earned more playing time, but gets just 1 snap? Hardman is a speed threat who can loosen up the D, but can't get on the field over Cobb who can't run any more?

My internet actually went down yesterday evening, so I missed a fair bit of the game. Normally, I'd be enraged to be missing the game. Last night, I was glad.

The Jets are pitiful, but they don't deserve our pity. It's pathetic.

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I’m not sure that I can stomach watching the jets for the remainder of the season! That was as hideous a performance as I have witnessed with the exception of some of Zach’s prior performances. What is insufferable about the current circumstances is that a league competent backup was not signed as well as Rodgers. To trot out the same QB with the expectation of a different outcome is insane! I’m not sure how or if there is anything that can resuscitate this carcass at this point. Problems at QB and OC. Woolly, notable for his patience is probably sharpening his quill to sign the termination documents.

How many next years is enough. Oh well....there is always basketball. If I watch next week, my son will be wearing his Mahomes Jersey to add insult to injury. At least he has a good QB to root for.

Need to do something this morning to get rid of some frustration...the gym perhaps?

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If the Jets don't care enough to at least TRY something different, why should the rest of us continue to care about this team at all? Looks like we're destined for yet another lost season.

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I understand that Salah can’t trash his QB in public, but what does it say to the locker room. These are pros, you can’t hide his grossly sub-par performance from them. Yes the O-line is a problem, so too is inability to go through progressions, be decisive and throw the ball quickly. I truly wonder to what degree is Wilson’s poor performance due to poor coaching or lack of football IQ. Likely both.

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Unfortunately Daniel, I think you are expecting too much of him. His pre-snap reads are not working to his benefit and to ask him to do something that is utterly foreign. He got through high school and BYU because of his physical talent alone, and he's consistently shown that there are some things he just cannot do, and they are probably the most important things that he needs to know how to do. I really think he's at the end of the line in NY. Can anyone else bring out the best in him ????? Who knows ???? He definitely has suffered through OC issues, but is that the problem ???? I don't think so. He is just too slow to react to just about anything, and if he doesn't have perfect protection, he panics 4 out of 5 times. I also think that the "culture" that Saleh always preaches has not worked at all. And now he makes himself look like an idiot in press conferences. Between the absolute garbage about Duane Brown last week and the garbage that ZW gives the Jets the best shot at winning, he is becoming more of a laughingstock than I could possibly imagine. His biggest problem is losing the confidence of his star players like Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner. He's stubborn and thinks he knows what's right, but all he's shown is no ability to adjust to what makes sense and will work. Sometimes he sounds like an empty bag talking.

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If the Jets want to do anything meaningful this season, they have to bring in a veteran. Wilson is not capable of being the QB we all thought he could be. It is what it is. He cannot read defenses, period, and then cannot make the right decisions in a reasonable amount of time. There should be no apologists for him at this point, he's proven that he just can't cut it where it really counts. There's really nothing much else to say. With him starting, the team is an embarrassment. This season is over for all intents and purposes, so bring somebody in who is at least competent. Also, Dalvin Cook is a shadow of his former self and a detriment to the offense. They never should have signed him and kept Bam. Uzomah and Cobb shouldn't be on the field as much as they are. If Hardman had caught that pass yesterday in the red zone he would have exploded into the end zone. Cobb got run down immediately. Uzomah is an awful blocker and not playing Ruckert exclusively is almost criminal. Bawden, who I really like as a player, has been invisible regarding his forte as a blocker. But the biggest reason to bench Wilson and bring in a veteran is that there is a danger of alienating all of the key players that they need. We saw plenty of evidence of that on the sideline yesterday. Wilson is NOT a winning QB, so give someone else a chance to get some wins this season before the team collapses completely because of a loss of morale. The Wilson era is not only over, it never even got started.

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David, I think we all will understand if you needed a few weeks off before writing about this dreck of a team.

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I can't believe how fast we went from being on top of the world, thinking a super bowl was within our reach....to this. That was 3 short weeks ago, but it feels like a year. And the worst part is, all of a sudden, it looks like no one has any idea what they're doing. Not the coaches, not the front office, and definitely not the quarterback. It seemed like we had found some stability, didn't it? Suddenly everything looks like a very shaky mess...to the point that it seems like these issues run way deeper than just losing Rodgers.

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"If you're reading this. I don't know why." lol!!! Levity is a way to get through this for sure. I finally thought the days of watching a QB playing in the NFL and sighing loudly saying "it must be nice", were over.

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It is extremely frustrating when the head coach and assume the GM just contine to support this QB. We all know they wont hang him out to dry in public - but you cant say in a public forum to the world "He gives us the best chance of winning". You just made yourself look like a idiot. There is a "paying' public of seasn ticket holders - a lot of us sat in the rain yesterday (whch doesnt really matter). Is this management group telling us we are going to 'punt' on the season 3 games in ? If you get bad food at a retuarant you wont go back. This is 2 years now (i'll throw out the first year) of this QB play. Putting all thier hopes on a QB without a backup was stupid. If im t he owner i am asking today - i have season ticket holders (and Joe Namath) up my butt and they are paying customers - WHAT ARE WE DOING ? For me - and i dont care its only 3 games in but the Coach and GM HAVE to go after this 4-13 campaign (12-16 wins in 3 years is EGNOUGH)

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ZW sends Goo-Goo eyes at his receiver. Professional defenders know at once who to close in on.

Final play a prime example.

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